Recruit Jacob Copeland’s Mom Needed A Minute After He Signed With Florida


Wide receiver recruit Jacob Copeland’s mother clearly had two destinations in mind for her son: Tennessee or Alabama. She made that quite evident by donning a Vols beanie and Alabama sweater, an epic SEC clothing mashup no one ever wants to see again.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Copeland, her dreams didn’t come true as Jacob, a four-star player out of Escambia High School, decided to take his talents to the University of Florida — she promptly got the hell out of there without congratulating her son:

Jacob was questioned about his mother’s reaction to his decision, and he basically said he’s doing what’s best for him:

The good news? She eventually came back and gave him a hug to deescalate this awkward, public family conflict:

Update: Jacob has taken to Twitter to downplay the situation.

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