ESPN Couldn’t Stop Blowing Trae Young Last Night


Remember when ESPN went into Tim Tebow Watch and drove the Tim Tebow story right into the ground as fast and as hard as they possibly could? The WWL is entering that territory after what they did last night with Trae Young during the Sooners game against West Virginia. It was the Trae Young stat line game and ESPN wasn’t going to come up for air even after the final horn sounded.

ESPN was clearly all-in on making it all about Trae Young and it didn’t matter if West Virginia came in and won, 75-73, in Norman.

ESPN Twitter posted this 10 minutes before the game:

And then didn’t stop with the nonstop gargling:

Is it fun to have a guy who throws up shots and tries to fill a stat line? Of course it is. Is it fun for a broadcast to seem like it’s being run by Lavar Ball? Not exactly. They just can’t let this stuff happen organically. They have to force it down our throats until it’s beyond annoying and we can’t wait to turn off the channel.

We get it, you need a star to drive the numbers. However, how about coming up for air now and then. Maybe come up for air at least once a half and not just at the end of the game when Trae’s team lost.

We also got one of these last night:

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