Nelson Agholor's Girlfriend Viviana Volpicelli Is Super Bowl Ready

Viviana Volpicelli, who is Nelson Agholor’s girlfriend, seems poised to have a breakout Super Bowl Sunday if everything lines up like it usually does when it comes to a hot Instagram model and a guy playing in the Super Bowl. One thing leads to another and she ends up with some sort of makeup deal. The stars usually align and the Instagram model is interviewed by a TMZ camera and gets a water deal on IG. Seems to happen every year.
That’s why this is a huge day for Viviana. You get one shot. One day in your life to absolute kill it….annnnnnddddd….Viviana announced this morning on IG that…she’s ready. Got her game face on. Has the clothes all set. Has the makeup ready to go. The hair. It’s all ready for that 6:13, or whatever it is, kickoff.
Now for the bad news. Nelson was sick on Saturday and needed IV treatment.
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Meet Leslie From Texas
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