Fearless Pats Fan Shows Up To Wing Bowl 26 In A Brady Jersey, Promptly Gets Emasculated Eagles Fans


The Wing Bowl in Philly is one of our country’s greatest trashiest traditions. Friday morning of Super Bowl week, a bunch of Philly fans pile into the Wells Fargo Center at 6 am after 2-plus hours of tailgating and getting hammered in the parking lot (yes, tailgating starts at 4 am), to watch a giant chicken wing eating contest taking place live on morning sports radio. It’s basically the most Philly thing imaginable.
Obviously, this year’s Wing Bowl is special with the Birds in the big game, so what was already an utter shit show on any normal year, gets turned up a notch this year. So the balls on this Patriots fan showing up to the Wells Fargo Center decked out in his team gear with the Brady jersey, is something I have to respect. This is a place you just don’t go if you’re not a Philly fan, let alone show up in Pats gear two days before they play the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Like I said, big balls on this kid.
Of course, though, he was immediately emasculated by a gaggle of Birds fans. You don’t just walk around like that and get away scot-free. First, it was the dumping of the beer in the video above, which is just about as disrespectful as it gets, then turned into the group chanting “ASSHOLE” directly into his face.


He did take it like a champ, though. I’m not sure what bright idea led him into that parking lot that was all but certainly going to end poorly, but I tip my cap. It’s a classic Patriots fan move to walk around like that thinking you own the place, but he was literally putting his life in danger, so my respect is there.

Another Pats fan felt the wrath of Philly once things kicked off inside

If you’re keeping track, this is the 2nd giant “F*ck Tom Brady” chant at the Wells Fargo Center in less than a week.


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