A Streaker Made An Appearance On The 17th Hole At The Phoenix Open


If you know anything about the Waste Management Phoenix Open, you know how WILD things get on that 17th hole. It’s the one hole in all of golf where cheering is encouraged and hole-in-ones are celebrated by throwing garbage on the course. Combine that with the fact that everybody in the crowd is on a mission to get as hammered as possible and we have a recipe for the most LIT hole on the PGA Tour.
So to say I’m not surprised that a guy stripped bare ass and made his way onto the course would be an understatement. Of course this happened, it’s basically encouraged.
What I am surprised about is how early in the week it happened. Usually by Friday and into the weekend is when things really start to turn up. You’ll have people take off of work, the Arizona and ASU students will skip class to get day drunk, and that’s when the party starts. I was not expecting to see a streaker on a Wednesday.

He was obviously arrested, but not before making a spectacle out of it for multiple minutes. It’s almost like they let him do his thing and entertain the crowd for a little bit before dragging him away. From Fox News:

Norris estimated the suspect was on the field for about three minutes. He said security seemed to take a long time to make an arrest.
But guards eventually escorted him away without incident. Scottsdale police identified the suspect as Adam Stalmach.
“Stalmach showed signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication,” a Scottsdale police spokesman said.
He faces charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

You don’t say?!

Scottsdale Police Department

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