Johnny Manziel's Future Mother In Law, Debra Tiesi, Turned 50 This Weekend

Well, well, well…what do we have here? Do the rich keep getting richer or do the rich keep getting richer? Imagine my shock this morning when I opened up IG and found out that Johnny Manziel’s future mother-in-law is Debra Tiesi and she just turned 50 this weekend. The guy is out here with a dime future wife, a clothing line that has turned him into a mogul, a pretty much perfect life in Los Angeles and a mother-in-law who can get after it.
Telling you, Johnny has the life. Screw football. I’d just selling hoodies, sign autographs every now and then, do a reality show, go on a few shows, hang out with the mother-in-law, rinse, repeat.
Now we need to get Deb to unlock that fire IG account.
I’m starting to feel like the Tiesi family is some sort of name I should know from the Los Angeles socialite market. Feels like this name was huge in the late ’90s. I’ll get the i-Team on that this week.

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Meet Allison From Indiana
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