Sophie Mudd Will Ruin Your Monday, Matt Patricia Is Clearly Gone & Coach Cal’s Daughters Go Off

You know what I’m watching tonight in sports? Nothing. I’m worn out. Do you realize how I feel after sitting in a desk chair for 9 hours Sunday trying to keep up with all the CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT? I could barely get out of the chair at just after midnight when I transitioned to the couch. Telling you guys, you don’t want this job. It might seem glamorous until you realize your life revolves around fueling fans who want CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT.


Guy in the crowd attacks comedian at South Carolina show

Matt Patricia did this on the field after the Pats won…he gone

Coach Cal’s daughters go tf off on fans

Incredible moment from a soccer match…kid didn’t want to take a penalty kick he didn’t deserve

Doughnut eating champion arrested….for stealing from…you’ll never guess

Fox Philly’s Mike Jerrick lets a s-bomb fly during Eagles pregame coverage

Here’s Sabrina from Florida

Philly Fans Being Philly Fans Video of the Day

Here are the Eagles fans walking around South Philly taking shots at a 99 yr old grandma

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