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Remember when OJ was planning to move back to Florida?

Yeah, that’s not happening anymore. OJ has been crushing it in Vegas and he’s clearly having too much fun to leave at this point. Why move back to Florida to hang out with a bunch of retired snowbirds, when you can hit up the wine bar and chat up some local Vegas ladies on a nightly basis like OJ has been doing? Of course he’s staying in Vegas.

Plus, golf in January.

LV Sun:

O.J. Simpson is not planning to move from Nevada to Florida like he told state parole officials before he was released in October from Nevada state prison, his Las Vegas lawyer said Thursday.

The 70-year-old former football hero, acquitted murder defendant and armed robbery inmate has not filed paperwork with parole officials to move to a different state, attorney Malcolm LaVergne said.

“Mr. Simpson has no immediate plans to return to Florida,” LaVergne told The Associated Press. “He’s very much enjoying his time here in Vegas. It’s January, he gets to play golf every day.”

For people like us in the content business, this is great news.

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