Ohio Republicans Want Jim Tressel To Run For Senate

Remember Jim Tressel’s nickname when he was patrolling the sidelines at Ohio State and calling punts from the opponents 45? The Senator. It fit perfectly. That short sleeve button down with a tie and sweater vest over the top mixed with that god-awful, conservative playcalling just oozed politics.

Now Ohio Republicans want to take that nickname and make it a reality because apparently, if you can beat Michigan 9 out 10 years, then it shouldn’t be too hard to saddle up and win an election.

From the Washington Examiner:

Top Ohio Republicans are name-checking former Ohio State University head football coach Jim Tressel as they search for a new consensus candidate to challenge Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown this year.

Tressel, the president of Youngstown State University, near Cleveland, has become a top GOP recruit. So has author and venture capitalist J.D. Vance, as dissatisfaction with Republican Senate candidate Mike Gibbons, a wealthy investment banker, lingers after Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s unexpected withdrawal from the race.

“Jim Tressel is welcome pretty much wherever he goes in Ohio,” said Rep. Dave Joyce, R-Ohio.

“Obviously, he’s had the opportunity now to run some universities, so he’s certainly got football team management and now university management under his belt. He’s obviously a great campaigner because you’ve got to work hard to recruit young talent against everybody else,” Joyce said. “Tressel’s certainly an interesting idea.”

Only one problem: Tressel has shown zero interest. He seems to be perfectly fine with his job as president at the football coach factory we like to call Youngstown State.

According to two Republicans, Tressel has not expressed interest in the Senate seat as he closes in on his fourth full year as president of Youngstown State University. However, that hasn’t halted overtures from those within the party and hopes from some that he would entertain the idea of a campaign.

“I wish he was [interested],” one prominent Ohio Republican said, citing his statewide name identification has a pre-eminent reason.

Now, he has until February¬†7th to get convinced by these top GOP’s so he can turn in his bid to the state. I don’t know about you, but I know Tressel would rock the hell out of a sweater vest on capital hill and flip Congress on its head. Maybe he can teach those crooks a thing or two about leadership. Just give everybody a copy of The Winner’s Manual and call it a day.

Hail Mary? Ohio Republicans wishing Jim Tressel would run for Senate https://t.co/jEJTV9G2Rn pic.twitter.com/kB4GPtdyRQ

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) January 10, 2018