Buy This Minnesota Vikings Tailgate Bus For the Playoffs… $15K

via Craigslist

A savvy Minnesotan is looking to sell his impressive Vikings tailgate bus before the team’s divisional game against the Saints. Perfect timing, really. The entire state is hyped for a potential playoff run that could end in the Vikings playing for the Lombardi Trophy on home turf. There should be plenty of demand.

via Craigslist

The seller knows this, and even referenced the SB in the very brief description (via Craigslist):

Tailgate in style! bus runs and drives well. Superbowl bound.

All we can tell you beyond that is it’s a Dodge and the interior features many Vikings fixtures. As you can see from the pictures provided, it looks like it’s ready to go now. Whether it’s worth the $15,000 asking price is the primary question here.


Love the horns… nice touch:

via Craigslist