WATCH: Trevor Bauer Throws Baseball 117 MPH

Trevor Bauer has set the bar this offseason with a throw of 117 mph as recorded by the guys at Driveline Baseball (@DrivelineBB). Why was Bauer trying to throw his arm off his shoulder? No clue, probably just for fun and a viral video. Now he has the number and the video for all the rest of the competitors to break. 
Do you know whose K/9 number went up from 8.0 to 10.0 from 2016 to 2017? Bauer. His innings pitched went down in 2017 and his Ks went up. Earned runs were down. So were walks. And Bauer went 17-9. Now I know all the baseball nerds will say the W/L line means squat. I get it, sorta. Stay calm, baseball nerds.
Look, the guy was 17-9, pitched his ass off in ’17 and just hit 117 mph on what appears to be a mini crow’s hop. I don’t have a problem saying I’m impressed and this guy is going to have a monster season at 27 years old.
You know what’s about to go up? Bauer’s salary. He made just $3.55M in ’17.

Bauer was also working on actual pitches he would use in a game:

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