Chris Paul Shamelessly Broke Out the Helicopter Flop


So now that Chris Paul is no longer on the Clippers, it seems like NBA Twitter’s opinion on him has shifted from aggressively negative to super positive. Once again people realize they’re watching a future Hall of Famer still in his prime, like the Point God wasn’t snatching ankles and dropping dimes during his Lob City tenure. Baffling.

However, CP3 had a little Flop City callback on Monday as he attempted to draw a foul on Kris Dunn with the ol’ heliflopter. This should grind on the purists who hate divers:

Considering the Rockets are built around the CP3/James Harden tandem, I believe public opinion on the Rockets could eventually shift. Once the playoffs roll along people will be subjected to those two flopping and drawing fouls all day. Give it time.

Assistant Editor of Busted Coverage. Based in Los Angeles.
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