Faryn Corey Went Out This Weekend, Kate Upton On A Bed & Michele Tafoya’s With Leather

Wow, the AFC Divisional Round should be a real battle for the home teams

OK, so the Titans won’t be inept on offense heading into New England thanks to a running game, but c’mon, Tommy shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to the AFC title game. And then we have Big Ben facing world beater Blake Bortles. I’ve had to endure watching Andy Dalton in the playoffs. Not sure which is worse and Bortles actually has a playoff win. My upset of the weekend will be the Falcons over the Eagles. There’s going to be one, I’ll take Matty Ice over Foles. Vikings will then get to play at home in the NFC title game and in the Super Bowl.

Tommy will get to beat Case Keenum for yet another trophy. This is all pretty easy to see.

Numbers from :

Career playoff starts for the 8 QB starting next week:

Marcus Mariota 1
Tom Brady 34

Blake Bortles 1
Ben Roethlisberger 20

Matt Ryan 9
Nick Foles 1

Drew Brees 12
Case Keenum 0

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) January 8, 2018

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@bustedcoverage I’m in Houston Texas I think this guy is going the wrong way for tomorrow https://t.co/8HnCzueUII
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@EspnDrunk glad to see Espn interns have moved on to working at the golden globes. pic.twitter.com/OrlQtWz96D

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Blue = Loved the Golden Globes speeches

Red = Didn’t know Golden Globes was on pic.twitter.com/KRZweAYnEP

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