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Mike Tyson is about to be a huge weed seller

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is becoming a California marijuana entrepreneur. reports that Tyson and partners on Dec. 20 broke ground on a plot for a cannabis resort in California City, a remote Mojave Desert town that’s about a 110-mile drive north of Los Angeles.
Partner Robert Hickman tells the website that the undeveloped lands are primed to be cultivated and that Tyson Ranch will be an oasis.
In a video of the event, California City Mayor Jennifer Wood thanks Tyson for his commitment to the community, saying the industry will provide medical marijuana to people in need, revenue, jobs and income for residents.

I’m still shocked that Mike Tyson has been able to put together a quiet life. It’s one of the biggest shockers in sports history considering the mayhem he caused and lived during the 1990s. I figured the guy would end up blasted in a drive-by. Go figure that he ends up with a traveling Broadway show and now is about to own a weed farm and being thanked by a California mayor.
Add it all up and there’s hope for the scumbag in your life who can’t seem to get his life together.

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