22 NSFWBDs React To Craig Sager Leaving His Kids Out Of His Will & Giving It All To Ex-Bulls Dancer Wife

The Craig Sager will drama has now been going on for well over 24 hours and Craig was trending at one point this afternoon. You know what that means: the NSFWBDs caught wind that Craig Jr. and Kacy Sager are reporting that they were cut out of their dad’s will and they would like the sheriff’s office to stop visiting Jr’s place. They’re not contesting the will and would like to just have the will drama fade away.
Sr.’s kids from his first marriage won’t get a thing. It’ll all be left to the ex-Luvabulls dancer Stacy Sager that – Kacy Sager claims she’s a house wrecker – Sr. met during his time covering the Jordan-era Bulls.
Emotions are high.
There are claims that Jr. incurred medical bills from his bone marrow transplant to give his father two extra years of life. There’s claims that Jr. used vacation time to do the transplant.
Add it all up and you have the BDs reacting and it’s not favorable to Sr. They don’t want to drag Sr., but they also don’t want the kids to be hurting as it seems they are. Kacy would just like to have some of the memorabilia her dad collected over the years.
Look, the right thing here is for Stacy to bring the kids together, give them the chance to take some of Sr.’s collectibles — maybe the suits — and try to move on with life. Something tells me it’s not going to happen.

Kacy released this statement:



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