Bills-Dolphins Brawl Features 4 Penalty Flags, 3 Ref Hats, and 1 Launched Bills Helmet


Sadly Jay Cutler’s final game as a Miami Dolphin (probably) is now being overshadowed by a brawl that broke out late in the fourth quarter. As you can see in the videos below, the skirmish went down after Jarvis Landry (shocker!), who had just scored a meaningless touchdown, headbutted and took a shot at the Bills’ Jordan Poyer.

Running back Kenyan Drake was plenty busy during the melee and came out of the pile with a Bills helmet to dispose of:

A lot BS to unpack there if you’re a referee, but it looks like the staff was able to account for all the unnecessary roughness and “disrespecting the referee” calls:

Though he was ejected, Landry was able to stroll into the offseason with his ninth touchdown ball:

Drake, on the other hand, was a little heated on the sideline:

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