Wait, Did Damien Wilkins Get Engaged & Do A Gender Reveal During A Timeout On Wednesday?

Been to a sporting event lately? If not, you wouldn’t know that the game isn’t even the entertainment you’re paying for. It’s the sideshow stuff like a guy stacking chairs, juggling chainsaws and making apple sauce at the same time. Or something like that.
Last night at the Pacers game, things went to the next level with Damien Wilkins and his fiancee allowing the fungineering department to do a gender reveal as a carnival bit. Parents used to just ask the gyno to show them a screenshot and they were done with it. Not in 2017.
Now we have Damien preparing to turn his three boys into Ball clones. I’m sure he’s joking…or not.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Damien Wilkins is back in the NBA after being out of the league since 2013. Now 38, he’s only averaging about six minutes a game.
Looks like he got engaged on Wednesday, if we’re to believe his IG. And the Pacers lost to the Mavs. Dad-to-be didn’t play.

I told you this just might be serious about the who Ball thing…it’s a new era for basketball dads…I warned you:

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