Bills FB Mike Tolbert Spends Christmas Day Defending Himself Against Bills Mafia

When’s the last time you donated to a GoFundMe to have NFL players cut from a team after Week 16? Never, right? On a scale from scam to scam x 100, this has to be closing in on the upper levels of scam x 100. Some alleged Bills fan named Christian Jackson started a “Cut Mike Tolbert from the Bills” GoFundMe and it’s still live.
From the listing:

As a Buffalo Bills fan, we need to be rid of this FULLBACK who can’t get more than 1 yard. It is frustrating to watch the Bills keep calling plays for him and it needs to be stopped. Please donate to show support as fans against playing him as a backup running back on the Buffalo Bills.

And, since it’s 2017, of course this dumb GoFundMe caught the attention of Tolbert, who just had to defend himself against such stupidity.
Tolbert responded over on the Buffalo Fanatics IG:

There’s a ton of stuff that goes on on the football field which I’m certain u have no idea about. It’s every person on the field to do their job for a play to be successful. A lot of the times it works but sometimes it doesn’t. For u to be a “Fanatic” u shld cheer for the best not bash players that are out bleeding and breaking bones for this game. Also, this HC is amazing jus an FYI. Just remember that the players that line up across from us are also professional as well. So before u start a gofundme acct or say some slick shit about how trash someone is or this or that remember u only dreamed about being here and could never do what I nor any other NFL player does. God Bless Merry Christmas

Don’t think the anger is just coming from the Bills Mafia. Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle has seen enough of the fullback who will make just under $1 million this season.

I’d say enough is enough, but it can’t be because Travaris Cadet broke his ankle and is out for the year, so we can all look forward to more of Tolbert next week. The guy can’t play anymore, at least on offense. He carried three times for minus three yards, and dropped one of the two passes thrown to him. He was also part of a disastrous sequence on the first possession of the third quarter. The Bills moved to a first-and-goal at the 10, and the next two plays were a blown up pass to Patrick DiMarco that lost eight yards, and then Tolbert’s drop. The Bills settled for a field goal, their final points of the day. I’m sick and tired of the Bills calling plays for their fullbacks. DiMarco and Tolbert had a combined five touches for zero yards. Stop this madness!

Gotta say, I’m not sure I really like this side of Bills fans. I prefer them going through tables, not picking on the fullback who isn’t making much money. Just feels petty.

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