Jordan Clarkson Dropping a Cryptic Tweet on Christmas Eve

Is Jordan Clarkson aware the Lakers want to dump his ass and chase superstars this coming offseason? Of course, it’s 2017. Everyone knows everything. LeBron, Paul George, and Lonzo — “Larry’s coming back to LA!”, say very optimistic Lakers fans.

Anyway, JC knows what’s up. And he let us all know he’s aware of the recent Woj rumor by tweeting out everyone’s favorite eye emoji:


— Jordan Clarkson (@JordanClarksons) December 24, 2017

An understandable tweet given Woj is basically reporting he’ll have a new home after this season:

Imagine if you were Jordan Clarkson and got this update to your phone lmao

— . (@oaktruthhN) December 23, 2017

More details on Woj’s report via

“They believe they can trade Jordan Clarkson and get his money off,” Wojnarowski said. “They prefer not to do it at the trade deadline. Clarkson has helped them win games this year, and because they don’t have their pick, they want to win as many games as they can. So I think there’s some confidence there that they can find a deal for Clarkson after the season, to get his money off. But there’s got to be a sequencing here. And it gets back to, are they going to chase one max-salary slot, or two?”

He wished everyone a happy holiday shortly after freaking out Lakers fans:

Happy Holidays!! ☃️🎁

— Jordan Clarkson (@JordanClarksons) December 24, 2017