Tennessee Student Section Receives Cheat Sheet On How To Cheer At A Basketball Game

I’m not going to trash the Tennessee fans or students who received this lame ass “Rocky Top Rowdies Chants” cheat sheet last night at the UT-Furman game because this is purely on the shit show administration there in Knoxville.
We’ve seen these cheer sheets before at schools and every time the internet has a field day with it. Do you really think an SEC fan base – more specifically the UT fans who we clearly found out this year has some LUNATICS – needs a step-by-step piece of paper teaching them how to cheer? NOPE. You think you’ll find these things at Duke or Kentucky? NOPE.
This is the obvious work of out of touch administration. Sure, you might be football school (although that may be debatable right about now), but don’t hang your fans out to dry with cringy stuff like this.

I don’t think this guy needs to be taught how to cheer at a game

Or this guy:

I’m pretty sure the originator of this was Georgia, who had this brutally cringe-worthy sheet a couple years back vs. Kentucky


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