Caroline Wozniacki Swims With Stingrays, Jimmy Johnson Getting Jimmy John’s Hate Tweets & Deer Wants Chocolate

Gotta watch for the fine print at some hotels out there

From the Las Vegas Sun:

The former owner of an Indiana hotel is being sued for charging a woman $350 for posting a negative online review saying there was hair and dirt on the sheets in her room.

The state of Indiana’s lawsuit contends Andrew Szakaly violated the state’s deceptive consumer sales act by charging guests $350 if they posted negative reviews but didn’t inform management about problems during their stay at the Abbey Inn & Suites.

That’s a ballsy move writing in such a disclaimer on the hotel agreement sheet. New age shitt for sure. You can go over to TripAdvisor and see more terrible reviews for this place.

Numbers from :

No state tax in Fla. Top tax rate in CA=13.3% The new tax proposal would limit the ded for state & local/ property taxes. This would mk the ($$) difference between playing for a team that plays in a state with no state tax & playing for a team with a state tax much larger.

— Robert Raiola, CPA (@SportsTaxMan) December 20, 2017

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Eagles fans rallying around Foles for the playoff run (from @DavidGrzyTV)

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) December 20, 2017

@bustedcoverage Haven't looked a lot yet but the OSU/Clemson situation is heating up

— Robert Hackney (@BobbyHackney) December 20, 2017

@bustedcoverage the newest Phillies slugger is making a list and checking it twice!

— SteveB (@SJB414) December 20, 2017

Y’all…… The cussing preacher is Thaddeus Matthews from Memphis, Tennessee!! πŸ˜‚

— MagicMackXXXL (@BigOrangeMack) December 20, 2017

Jimmy Johns is not my restaurant

— Jimmy Johnson (@JimmyJohnson) December 20, 2017

A deer entered one of the shops in Colorado. The shop owner gave him some chocolate biscuits and chocolate. He came out of the store and returned after half an hour with all his family members πŸ˜‚

— Satar (@Satar_Gaza) December 20, 2017

We may have lost the game, but we won Christmas, because it turns out Santa is a @UNC_Basketball fan! #goheels

— Amy (@tarheelmomof3) December 21, 2017

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Made a friend in the Cayman Islands #stingraycity

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Leicester fan watching Stars Wars during the game at the King Power last night.

— Raj Lyall Jokes,Videos and Banter (@lyallr) December 20, 2017

Roger Dale Mcvay – Domestic Violence

— Isolated Incidents (@IsolatedBammers) December 20, 2017

Colton Lee Hairston – Domestic Violence

— Isolated Incidents (@IsolatedBammers) December 18, 2017