Richard Childress Fires Gunshots At Alleged Masked Robbers

Some alleged home invaders learned a valuable lesson: you don’t f—k with Richard Childress. Why? No reason other than he’s willing to exercise his Second Amendment right to pump lead to defend his turf.

According to WXII 12, three masked scumbags tried to break into Childress’ occupied home on Sunday night, but the family heard the intruders and the NASCAR legend promptly armed himself. He made sure to get a couple of shots off during their escape — further details from the report:

Deputies with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office said three people attempted to gain entry into the home while the residence was occupied.

Deputies said Childress and his wife heard a crash at a door on the lower level of their residence. Childress armed himself with a handgun and investigated.

The three people had the majority of their faces covered and appeared to be carrying firearms, deputies said.

Deputies said Childress fire gunshots at the suspects before they fled.

The sheriff said that a window glass beside a door knob on the lower level of the residence was broken and the alarm was activated.

There’s a $10,000 reward out for information that can lead to the arrests of the suspects. Childress made sure to shoutout the man upstairs and the Second Amendment for his family’s safety:

Childress told the sheriff hat he felt that “the only reason he and his wife were here today was because of God and the Second Amendment.”