Derek Jeter's Marlins Town Hall Meeting Was Wild

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If there’s one thing I learned from Parks and Recreation, it’s that town halls are always a mess, so it doesn’t shock me one bit to learn Derek Jeter’s fan meeting at Marlins Park wasn’t the smoothest affair.
I mean, giving angry fans a mic to speak their minds after trading Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, and Dee Gordon, with more damage to come in the near future? Yeah. Kudos to DJ for actually going through with this.

Marlins Town Hall Highlights:

Marlins Man, of course, was on hand for this event, and it appears he soaked up the attention and talked nonstop:

It appears the team has at least two diehard fans. Marlins Man, and a woman who started crying:

Jetes said George Steinbrenner would’ve traded Yankees greats if he had to:

One fan told Jeter to “burn it down”:

While another straight up burned him:

Tim Lincecum is Looking Jacked… Comeback?!
Tim Lincecum is Looking Jacked… Comeback?!
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