Santa Russ Wilson And Ciara Turn Up At The Seahawks Christmas Party

Get ready for the hot takes. The Seahawks are coming off last Sunday where everybody tried to fight everybody, some sketchy plays were made in the final seconds, and players almost went in the stands to fight some fans. Now, 5 days later, they’re having fun at a Christmas party. Disgraceful!
Santa Russ Wilson will probably safe from the takes, even though he definitely got outplayed by Blake Bortles in that shit show game on Sunday.
Just throw on a beard and dance to Mary J. Blige with your smoke wife and the internet will go nuts. Unless he lays an egg tomorrow.

Seattle is still right there in the playoff hunt and the Rams come to town tomorrow in a YUGE NFC West game. If they lose, the debate shows now have some material to pull from.


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