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We should’ve known the Keaton Jones story would take this sort of turn

TMZ is reporting that Jones’ estranged father is in jail and he’s a white supremacist.

It’s unclear what, if any, relationship Shawn has with Keaton. He last posted a pic with Keaton and his sister in January 2015. We didn’t find any record of Shawn marrying Kimberly Jones and, obviously, Keaton has his mom’s last name.

Shawn’s white supremacy posts are interesting in light of Kimberly’s confederate flag photos … which she’s downplayed as “ironic and funny.”

Look, at this point, if something starts to go viral, just plan on it having some sort of plot twist. You should’ve known that Keaton’s mom would be exploiting him for a personal reason. I’m suggesting next time the big name celebrities and teams take 15 minutes to investigate things before offering the world to some person on the Internet. Is it sad to watch a kid get caught up in a hell that’s not helped by his worthless parents? Sure is.

But guess how many other worthless parents out there now see a viral video of their child as a way to their 15 minutes of fame. You guys deserve to get suckered at this point.

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Alabama coach Nick Saban’s contract does NOT give him a bonus based on the number of write-in votes he gets in a U.S. Senate election.

— Steve Berkowitz (@ByBerkowitz) December 13, 2017

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