Joe Buck Knocked Up His Wife Michelle Beisner-Buck

Annnndddd here come the comments about Joe Buck being gay and how is it possible that Joe’s wife, Michelle Beisner-Buck, could be pregnant with twins because he’s in a relationship with Troy Aikman. That’s going to get tweeted around 15k times over the next month or so.

Joe, 48, has two daughters from his first marriage – Natalie seems like a party. Now he’ll have a couple of boys to help carry on the broadcasting tradition handed down from the legend Jack Buck.

I’ve done some quick math here and predict that Joe and the boys will make their family broadcasting debut in 23 on Facebook Live during a Reds-Cardinals game. Facebook will be trying to stay relevant with the younger generation so they’ll hire the Buck Boys to be the future of broadcasting. Old Joe will be called off the recliner to do his thing and give that smug look to all the Facebook viewers watching via a wrist screen.

Joe, who began his broadcasting career in 1991, was hired by Fox at 25 for a full NFL season, becoming the youngest broadcaster to ever handle that schedule. The legend, Jack, died in 2002 at the age of 77. It was Joe Buck who broke the news to the sports world.

From a 2016 review of Joe Buck’s book ‘Lucky Bastard’:

Childhood was cool, Buck writes. His father was 44 when Joe was born in 1969. It was Harry Caray’s last year broadcasting for the Cardinals, so Jack Buck was soon the team’s undisputed voice on KMOX:

“When I was 3 years old, he would let me sit in his office while he did radio interviews on the phone, as long as I stayed quiet,” Joe Buck writes. “I always stayed quiet. I could tell when his voice got deeper and more precise that he was doing an interview and not just talking to a friend on the phone. I was as happy as I could be, just sitting there watching him.”