OU Fans Want Baker Mayfield’s Heisman Park Statue To Depict Him Planting The Flag After Beating Ohio State


I think we can all agree that this Saturday Baker Mayfield is going be taking home that heavy ass trophy we like to call the Heisman. If we’re being honest here, there’s not even a close second and we might as well just give it to him now.

That means that Baker is going get his own statue added to Heisman Park back on campus in Norman joining the likes of Billy Sims, Sam Bradford, and of course Jason White (who could forget).

Now obviously, when you get your own statue, you want to know what the pose is going to be because when it’s done, it’s done. There’s no going back. Oklahoma fans and students already have the perfect idea and they even started a petition for it — make the statue depict Baker planting the flag at Ohio Stadium.

Feldman tweeted that a few hours ago and now it’s at 4800 signatures with a goal of 5000. I think there’s pretty much a zero percent chance that the Oklahoma administration allows this, but just the idea alone is awesome. And if it did actually happen, it instantly becomes one of the best statues out there.

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