Eyewitness: Scumbag Steelers Fan Avalanche Spits On Bengals Fan, Refuses To Take Fight To The Ground

You knew that Scumbag Steelers fans were going to scumbag last night at Paul Brown Stadium because it’s just what they do. Did I expect Scumbag Steelers Fan would look like Avalanche (died in 2006) came back to life and caught a heated AFC North showdown on Monday Night Football?
That’s the bigger shocker here compared to Avalanche spitting on a Bengals fan, according to eyewitness Danny.


*BTW, did you know that Avalanche was a legit sumo wrestler before coming to his senses, joining Japanese wrestling and eventually the WWF?

Juliana Elway Defends Her Dad on IG
Juliana Elway Defends Her Dad on IG
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