Steelers Fan Barry Is Mad That A Controlled Burn Left Soot On His Mom's Escalade…Spoiler…It's Not An Escalade

I know that management has told me to stop writing about Steelers fans, but screw it, I can’t pass up the chance to blog about this guy Barry who is a breakout star thanks to some random news story about how a fire department burnt down a Fuddruckers for training purposes.
Barry was approached by a TV crew to get his comments on the controlled burn, he gave a couple of quotes while wearing his Steelers hat, said something about how great Pittsburgh is, the locals posted it on social media and now he’s being hounded by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review who posted the top video where Barry thinks he cleaned off his mom’s Escalade.

Here’s where Barry made his debut this weekend on the Pittsburgh news:

The newspaper multimedia guy learned that Barry is a meat cutter with 35+ years of experience who doesn’t understand that the local media is going to give him 15 minutes of fame because they need content. Barry has no idea what’s going on. He’s just trying to clean up the property for his mom and get to work cutting meat.
There’s no story here. Shame on Pittsburgh media losers.

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