Olivia Jordan Ready For Her SI Debut, Tiger’s 69 Joke & Butch Jones Makes An Appearance

LeBron to Philly?

I’d say most people assume LeBron is high tailing it out of Cleveland next summer unless some drastic changes happen this season. Most think it’s to LA where his kids go to school, where he’s got a house, and where’s he can play with a big baller. But how about Philly? Apparently, this might be a real possibility.

Via Jeff Zillgitt, USA Today:

If James, who can become a free agent after this season, decides to leave the Cavaliers, he could – and should – consider the 76ers, and executives around the league believe Sixers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo will attempt to sign James.

Simmons, Embiid & LeBron? Sign me up yesterday. Sorry, Cleveland.

Numbers from:

22 = total points scored by #Cowboys in first 3 games without Zeke Elliott

31 = points scored by #Cowboys tonight vs #Redskins

— Robert Raiola, CPA (@SportsTaxMan) December 1, 2017

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“To come out here and just score like I did, it was nice.” (Tiger is in on the joke!!) pic.twitter.com/koCWNesBVY

— Evan Sporer (@ev_sporer) November 30, 2017

Is it gameday @bustedcoverage ? Go Bucks!! pic.twitter.com/GHnRAqRAZK

— Robert Hackney (@BobbyHackney) November 30, 2017

Butch Jones here at Tucker Stadium. pic.twitter.com/rC3K16pxl4

— Justin Beasley (@JBeasleyWSMV) December 1, 2017

Gruden has resting DC Sports face pic.twitter.com/1OnfawlVU3

— Danny (@recordsANDradio) December 1, 2017



Ref got SWALLOWED pic.twitter.com/H9QZkgMYMO

— Dan (@AtIantaDan) December 1, 2017

@bustedcoverage when the nudes come through and your boys get none pic.twitter.com/elAR31yLzb

— phil cufaro (@ripits247) December 1, 2017

Sports Action might wanna recheck their stats lmao pic.twitter.com/XBb608fXWQ

— DUFFY (@MrDuffGuy) December 1, 2017

Kid Rock is the latest to turn down UT. pic.twitter.com/vgtXXM5Zv4

— FSUeyedoc (@FSUeyedoc) November 30, 2017