Mark Wahlberg For The Ladies, Kiffin Keeps Hounding Saban & FSU Kicker Gets Lit Up By FSU Frat

Guess how many basketball games are on tonight…like 6,000. You’ll have plenty to watch on your iPad as your wife watches the Hallmark Channel. Duke plays at 9:30. That’s always a Twitter party. I’m clearing my schedule for that one because Grayson Allen tweets are RT machines this time of year.

Mark Wahlberg hasn’t been skipping arm day

Pussy Grabber-In-Chief dances on Matt Lauer’s grave

Florida State kicker frat fight video!

Dakich goes off on Pitino during Purdue game that included students in FBI shirts

Kiffin keeps trolling Saban

Here come the cuts at ESPN!

This Florida Man (looks innocent) arrested in sword incident

Here’s Jess from Ohio State!

Pretty Excited To Get Bob Menery On The BC Wednesday FB Live Show Video of the Week

Big BC Wednesday Facebook Show (noon ET) lined up…rising star broadcaster @BobMenery is stopping by…can't wait for this appearance

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) November 29, 2017

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