21 NSFWBDs Analyze The Aqib Talib-Michael Crabtree Chain Beef – Round 2

The BDs have been fairly quiet over the last couple weeks, but Sunday changed everything for the better if you’re a NSFWBD fan. Once again we have Aqib Talib de-necklacing Michael Crabtree in a game between two teams who are quickly turning the conference over to a franchise that wasn’t wanted in Los Angeles and a Chiefs team that is fading faster than a fat guy all hopped up on turkey and sitting in a recliner.

You know the deal: these two don’t like each other and Talib has a thing for ripping off Crab’s chain. There are rumors going around that Crabtree hadn’t worn a necklace this season – until Sunday’s game. Can’t confirm that. I don’t track chains in the NFL.

Anyway, you know the rest. Hell yeah the BDs were woke over this one. All hell broke loose.