Jets Fan Goes Through A Table, Fireman Ed Is LIT

The AFC is so bad this year that the New York Football Jets, the team with by far the least amount of talent in the NFL, is sitting at 4-6 and STILL is only 1 game back in the playoff picture. Seriously, Wild Card weekend in the AFC is going to be such a disaster and I’m hoping the Jets find their way in there.

So we’ve gotten to the point now where Jets fans are somewhat confident and feeling that playoff buzz a little bit, thinking they might get a shot this year. Now they’re putting people through tables like it’s Bills Mafia.

You know how I know the Jets are in the hunt? Fireman Ed is making tailgate appearances and he’s LIT

I thought this guy retired after the Butt Fumble?

Fireman Ed is FIRED UP!! #Jets

— NYSFLive (@NYSFLive) November 26, 2017