Aqib Talib Snatches Michael Crabtree's Chain Again, Brawl Ensues

Both the Raiders and Broncos are pretty much out of this year’s playoff picture, but that didn’t stop the two teams from engaging in a brawl during today’s game. What set off these two AFC West rivals? Oh, just Michael Crabtree getting his revenge on Aqib Talib by going extra hard on a block (see above).
That may seem like proper payback for Crabtree after getting his chain ripped last season, but upon further inspection Talib struck again!

Crabtree ended up losing his helmet during the melee — that did not stop him for throwing hands with Talib:

Both players were ejected for their extracurricular activity, as was guard Gabe Jackson.

Talib is now 2/2 going for Crabtree’s chain… maybe stop wearing it?

Kentucky Football Fan Has Some Anger Issues
Kentucky Football Fan Has Some Anger Issues
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