The Detroit Lions Tubgaters Are Promising A ‘Very Special’ Thanksgiving Tubgate

Of course you remember the Tubgaters, who’ve been lounging in a truck bed hot tub for years at the Eastern Market before Detroit Lions games. We’ve posted about the Tubgaters multiple times over the years for one reason or another. It’s usually for how much fun the Tubgaters have getting soaked before big games.

It doesn’t get much bigger than today’s showdown with the Vikings. Win here and the Lions are 4-0 in the division and have a legitimate race to January with the Vikings. The Tubgaters know it’s a big deal and it’s Thanksgiving so they have something up their sleeve for today’s festivities.

And the weather is perfect this morning for a good soak.

I have no idea how the Tubgaters can crank it up a notch after years of debauchery, but that’s what makes the Tubgaters great. They keep it fresh in one way or another.