Emily Sears Busts Out A Draft Beer Pic For The Ages, ESPN Has Strong Thanksgiving Eve & Philly Grandma Pulls A Robbery


It’s coming up…tomorrow!

Busiest plumbing business day of the year is….Black Friday. Yeah, that’s a local news go-to story this time of year. You’re going to see it on the nightly news while digesting that turkey. Guaranteed. Roto Rooter is even open 24/7 on Thanksgiving for all those clogged toilet calls.

Changing courses a little bit…remember when Thanksgiving Day was all about the pigskin and two football games and then that was it, you took a nap and called it a day? Yeah, well there are like 500 college basketball games being played today. And the Egg Bowl tonight on ESPN. It’s also Phil Knight 70th birthday basketball shootout day in Portland. Remember, stick to sports out there today.

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Your Drink > Three Girls Grinding On You Somebody rush this man! 😂

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