This Is Bad (Or Is It Good?) News If You Hate Ohio State

As an Ohio State fan, this is what I was worried about when the Buckeyes got trucked by Iowa like three weeks ago: there’s still a path to the College Football Final Four…because the Final Four NEEDS Ohio State. And that path was a simple win out and get in because the Pac-12 took another dump all over itself, Notre Dame took a huge dump on itself in Miami, the SEC is getting one team when Bama wins out and the ACC is getting one team when Clemson wins out – still rooting for Miami & the chain to sneak out a win in ACC title game.
The above scenario from RJ Bell is exactly what I was terrified of the night I walked into my in-laws’ house and saw Iowa had dropped a 54 dump all over Urban. This is secretly what the committee, ESPN and Bama fans are hoping for. They want revenge for the 2015 Sugar Bowl when Zeke went 85-yards through the hearts of Bammers.
Bammers wanted that first ever CFB Playoff title. It was theirs. And then it wasn’t.
They still think that was a fluke game. They still think they’re kicking Ohio State’s ass 99 out of 100 times and then want desperately to dance on Urban’s grave. I get the tweets, emails, messages. I know what they’re thinking. They’re thinking this Ohio State team is the perfect team to demoralize. It would make it so much more satisfying than dancing on Miami’s grave or Oklahoma or Wisconsin (zzzzzzzz) or name another team.
And you have executives in Bristol and at Disney HQ on their knees praying Barrett can somehow win out.
You don’t believe me about Ohio State? I’ll refer you back to this from 2016 about Ohio State-Michigan ratings:

The game, which aired on ABC at noon, pulled in an overnight television rating of 10.4, the highest overnight rating for any game this season, and nearly 50% higher than the second-most-watched game of the season.
That 10.4 rating is the highest-ever recorded for a college football game that kicked off at noon on the east coast, according to ESPN. It is also the second-highest rated college football game ever aired on ABC, trailing only the 2006 Ohio State-Michigan game, when the teams were ranked Nos. 1 and 2, respectively.

Does this all mean that Ohio State deserves to get in if they win out? I’m an Ohio State fan and I say no. They don’t deserve that 4th spot. That Iowa game proves it.
But, wouldn’t you like to see another Saban-Urban matchup? Don’t you want to dance on the Buckeyes grave?

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