Recently Single Barbie Blank Crushes A Boxing Workout

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow the break-up between Barbie Blank and former NHLer Sheldon Souray slipped through the cracks at BC HQ last month when it was reported by Us Weekly:

WAGS star Barbie Blank and her husband, Sheldon Souray, have split, multiple sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.
“They separated a couple months ago,” one insider tells Us, noting that the pair also deleted many of their photos together from their Instagram accounts. “Barbie is already going on dates with other guys.”

It’s surprising because we followed that relationship, engagement, and marriage for like 5 years, then they break-up right in the middle of football season and we miss it.

So now we have single Barbie Blank back on the prowl for the first time since like 2011 and she’s been crushing boxing workouts and getting back into the game. The Us Weekly report said she’s already been going on dates. Remember, she’s also on the TV show WAGs, so maybe she’ll find herself another athlete out there.
For now, she’s sticking to destroying some punching mitts.

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Meet Keely From Michigan
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