Did Prince Fielder Call Out Someone For Parking Like An ‘***hole’?

Former MLBer Prince Fielder seems to be enjoying that early retirement life: He’s spending plenty of time with his two boys and wife, learning how to salsa dance, making “Family Feud” appearances, etc. The world is truly his oyster… as it should be with over $200 million in career earnings.

But all the money in the world can’t save Prince from getting pissed at jerks who suck at parking. Reddit user “artfufkin” claims Big Prince left this aggressive note on a friend’s car after an alleged terrible parking job:

Prince Fielder left this note on a friend’s car. https://t.co/CozaIjM5aZ

— terry (@t_tfranklin) November 15, 2017

Another Reddit user claims Prince made an IG story about it:


The signature appears to be match his, so it probably is Prince unless there’s some imposter out there leaving angry notes on cars as the former slugger. Highly unlikely!

Prince’s autograph if you want to compare:

Selling this outstanding Prince Fielder autograph relic /25. Any Rangers fans out there? Feel free to RT/tag. #princefielder #strata #auto pic.twitter.com/HzAUeDKEde

— ToddsCollection (@ToddsCollection) February 1, 2017