Sia Wants You To See Something, Hidden Valley Ranch Keg & Florida Man Gets DUI On Mower

Here we gooooooo — my Toledo Rockets can pretty much wrap up the MAC West title with a win tonight on the road in Athens, Ohio. That one is at 7 on ESPN2. This is a huge money game for coach Jason Candle. Win this one and you’re headed to the Top 25 at some point before a bowl game. You’ll get a total of three MAC games tonight. The other two are worthless. There are also two NHL games and two NBA games on the regular channels.

Sia has something to show you

Australian TV reporter woman gets abused by troll, handles it pretty well

Dwayne Bowe is a strip club God

How important is Aaron Rodgers? The Bears are favored this week…that hasn’t happened in a long time

Get a Hidden Valley ranch keg for your holiday parties

This weirdo Oklahoma Man uses interesting body armor, wants to knife fight his neighbor 

Florida Man got a DUI on this lawnmower that included a 12-pack

Here’s Chase from Cal Poly

I Think There Was Eventually A Foul In There Somewhere Video of the Day

White on white crime

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