Jalen Ramsey Finally Discusses the AJ Green Fight, Doesn't Disappoint

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There’s no interview in sports quite like a Jalen Ramsey interview. He’s sassy AF, only drops truth bombs and doesn’t back down… he continued to keep it real this afternoon when finally discussing his melee with AJ Green.

Now what in the world did Jalen say to get AJ to go full-WWE on him? Honestly, not much. Jalen told media that he called AJ “weak” and “soft” after every play, which eventually led to the reserved wide receiver blowing up and putting the guy in a chokehold. He added that he didn’t even touch on anything personal with AJ.
Here’s the video you’ve been waiting three long days for:
Neither player was suspended by the NFL for fighting, though AJ is reportedly looking at a fine to go along with his bruised ego.

Now seems like a good time for Jalen on Steve Smith Sr.:


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