Gordon Hayward Out Here Sinking Half-Court Shots

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Just like we all expected after a horrifying NBA Opening Night, the Boston Celtics aren’t missing their injured free-agent splash Gordon Hayward one bit. They’re sitting in first place in the Eastern Conference at 9-2, Kyrie Irving is balling, Jaylen Brown is balling, Jayson Tatum is balling, etc., etc. ESPN’s Basketball Power Index is currently giving them a 63 percent chance of repping the East in the NBA Finals this year, so yeah, it’s all good in Boston right now.
And we’re guessing good times will only continue once Hayward returns to action. He’s out for the foreseeable future, but that isn’t stopping him from hitting the gym to put up shots — in this case, half-court shots while sitting on a chair:
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Looks like Boston fans won’t have to worry about Gordon’s shot when he eventually returns:

Still depressed about the injury? Here’s Gordon in a gorilla costume:

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