Panthers Fans Brought Their A+ Troll Game For The Falcons

Even after the Patriots sent the Falcons to their final resting place in front of America two Sunday nights ago, there’s still plenty of 28-3 jokes to be had at the hands of their NFC South division rivals. Atlanta plays their first division game of the year today and they¬†haven’t had the chance to take their beating from those fan bases yet.

So you just knew Panthers fans were going to come out hot with the trolling, seeing as this is their first¬†opportunity to really go after them. I went through my Sunday tailgate searches this morning and I’m seeing 28-3 banners, signs, and jerseys all over the place at Bank of America Stadium today.

It also looks like a local radio station is handing out these towels.

We still have a long way to go before these jokes end.


— Tyler McBride (@theTylerMcBride) November 5, 2017

I guess these fans have a short memory