AJ Green Gets Pushed Down By Jalen Ramsey, He Responds By Choking Him Out And Punching His Helmet

Who knew AJ Green had this kind of savagery in him? I always pictured him as the quiet, all business, do your job type receiver, but then out of nowhere he’s choke slamming Jalen Ramsey and throwing punches at his helmet. Reminds me of when The U finally came out of Andre Johnson and he beat Cortland Finnegan’s ass.
So there are only a few explanations here. 1. He was a little too juiced after watching UFC 217 and the Wilder-Stiverne fights last night, 2. He’s fed up being a Bengal and DGAF anymore, or 3. Jalen Ramsey got way up inside his head and he snapped.
I’ll take #3, but #2 is a close second.

He was ejected for throwing punches…Ramsey was ejected for receiving them, I guess

Has he been spending time with Jay Glazer?

Jameis Winston Wants to Eat a W Today
Jameis Winston Wants to Eat a W Today
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