Faryn Corey As Shakira, Bob Weir’s Daughter Steps Out & Siri Called It Early For The Astros

There’s a special headline on Cleveland.com this morning:

“Cavs lose again, but LeBron James’ sneakers are on point,” Cleveland.com says this morning in reference to yet another Cavs blowout loss, this time to the Pacers. And this is a serious post. That’s not a condescending headline like you’d see in the NY Post. The Cleveland media outlet is dead serious.

As is usually the case, it wasn’t LeBron James’ fault. The NBA’s biggest star dropped 33 points and 11 assists against the Pacers (The Cavs lost 124-107).

James did it in his latest pair of Nike LeBron 15 PE shoes, inspired by the Cavaliers. The sneakers come in black and grey Flyknit with Cavs colors spread across the bottom.

I wonder if the blogger got a free pair of those shoes. Probably.

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Unacceptable. #MACtion pic.twitter.com/U1L2UCjNG1

— Robert (@wingsenforcer) November 2, 2017

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Siri’s calling game for the Astros pic.twitter.com/Sg1fX924cB

— ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) November 2, 2017

@bustedcoverage Rasheed Wallace jersey retirement night tonight? Only vet who Dolan hasn’t pissed off yet pic.twitter.com/u4waDsfRN0

— Isaac (@isaacw716) November 1, 2017


Must suck for that Astros fan getting arrested for running into an empty field after his team won the World Series https://t.co/OqQLOATa55

— Dan (@AtIantaDan) November 2, 2017

At the Chicago Blackhawks game tonight in Chicago!! Roll Tide Roll!! #wewantbama @AlabamaHockey pic.twitter.com/zDP5PwA0H6

— Tiffany Taylor (@ttaylor8876) November 2, 2017


— Ben Dover (@AverageJSports) November 2, 2017

Bob Weir’s Daughter:

Casey Eugene Davis – Open Container / Public Lewdness / Bond Revocationhttps://t.co/faByGBTSqK pic.twitter.com/6x5kisZjCk

— Isolated Incidents (@IsolatedBammers) October 24, 2017