Lines For WS Gear At Academy Sports In Houston Were Insane…Luckily Someone Passed Out Beer


How do I know a city just one its first-ever World Series? When you have lines at sporting goods stores that go on for miles in the internet era. That’s the only time you see this happen and that’s how much this championship means to Houston. They’ve could’ve easily ordered all their World Series gear online, but they NEEDED those collectibles immediately. They needed to go straight to the store after the game ended to stand in line with a thousand other fans looking to get all the t-shirts and hats as humanly possible.

And that’s how you end up with a scene like this at multiple Academy Sports’ in the Houston era.

But it wasn’t all waiting. A mystery hero Astros fan showed up to one of the locations and passed out beer to all fo the fans. Whoever this man is deserves all the good things in life.

People are still in line this morning

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