Astros Fan's Sister-In-Law Catches Dodgers Home Run Ball, He Rips It Out Of Her Hands…Throws It Back

Annnnnnddddd we have ourselves a viral story from Game 5 of the World Series. That’s what happens when a guy rips a Dodgers home run ball out of a woman’s hands and throws it back on the field. But here’s the good news — they’re related, sorta. Her name is Sarah Head. The ball grabber is Kirk Head.
From Yahoo Sports:

But that’s only half the story. Here’s the rest: Her name is Sarah Head and she’s mad only because she didn’t get to throw it back herself.

“I would have liked the opportunity to throw it back myself,” Head told Yahoo Sports.

Turns out the guy who took the ball from her was her brother-in-law, Kirk Head. Sarah said she knew he was going to take it and throw it back.

Kirk was informed by Yahoo Sports that he’d been turned into a villain on the Internet and then asked to defend himself. His defense? “[Expletive] the Dodgers.”

Kirk was definitely heated. Something tells me Sarah will hold this over his head for a couple days and then maybe there’s a blowup at Thanksgiving — if the Astros choke away this Series. You have to think if the Stros close out the World Series on Tuesday these two will just laugh about this for years to come.
Will there be payback for Kirk stealing her moment? By now you know how women roll.

“We talked about giving her my Nolan Ryan signed bat and ball,” Kirk said.

Best photo of Houston’s new hero, Kirk, that I can find:

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