Genie Bouchard Probably Won Halloween With Her Baywatch Costume

Genie Bouchard never fails to stop us in our tracks on Halloween. Last year, she got the Internet buzzing with her Kim Kardashian costume, and she’s back at it this time around with a Baywatch theme. Some might say “Baewatch” would be the appropriate spelling here:

But this was no solo act as Genie and her squad were apparently all in on the lifeguard thing:

Genie tagged The Rock so I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s one of the few people who dug Baywatch remake.

As for tennis, Genie’s season ended over a week ago after a first-round loss to Johanna Larsson in the Luxembourg Open. She also lost her coach Thomas Hogstedt in September… he reportedly jumped ship to another player.

Genie and her girlfriends recreate that iconic run: