The Ravens Cheerleaders Broke Out The Halloween Costumes For Thursday Night Football

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At least one decent thing came out of that terrible TNF game last night, the Ravens cheerleaders broke out the Halloween costumes for a game again in what’s become a yearly tradition.
As we all know, nobody loves Halloween more than chicks, so every year we’ll see these NFL cheer squads throw some sort of party so they can all dress up and light up IG for a day or two. I’m sure there are others, but I know for a fact that each year the Ravens find a late October game where these ladies can go wild.
As far as the costumes, they were decent. I saw a Lola Bunny in there which is always fire. Of course, Wonder Woman is hot in the streets right now, so you knew that would be in there. My personal favorite is probably the one girl who’s just wearing a just slice of pizza.

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