Meet Bren – OJ's Other Vegas IG Model Friend

Earlier I told you about OJ’s big day out in Vegas on Wednesday when he met IG model Laura Saucedo. Now it’s time to meet Bren, the other IG model who was in the video where OJ was ordered to put his hands on the ladies’ hips. Uh, ladies, do you know where those hands have been? Bren’s like 26. She was like 3 when the Juice got loose in the Bronco. It’s not like she remembers the trial or any of that stuff.
OJ’s just another means towards IG dominance.
From the TMZ report on Wednesday’s fun:

We’re told the crib used for the commercial is owned by Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris, who invited O.J. over for the day to hang. As for the commercial … it was for a laser hair removal company — L.A. Laser Hair Removal LV — owned by Morris’ fiancee.

Bren doesn’t seem as dedicated to the IG game as Saucedo. We don’t even get a last name. This is a major error right here because Saucedo lapped up all the Google SEO from the OJ appearance. We’ll do our best to get Bren some new followers though. She deserves it after being that close to an alleged killer (again, the jury found him not guilty — legal disclosure).

That’s Bren on the left:

[protected-iframe id=”3a35f7255399ed902d0c4a945eeb86f6-22577676-23105199″ info=”” width=”512″ height=”701″ frameborder=”0″]

Meet Laura Saucedo – She Met OJ At A Vegas Shoot
Meet Laura Saucedo – She Met OJ At A Vegas Shoot
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